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The mobile music production/recording studio is geared with a 'Pro Tools' recording studio for artist to record and mix their albums, demos and mix tapes. Artists who prefer to record digital multi track recordings in the comfort of their own rehearsal space use our studio for vocal recording and mixing.

Who We Are

We are an inspiration, dangerouly inspired by the fuel of achieving goals.
We aspire to acquire the what ever we want.

We are an awesome Start Up....

Studio 4x4 has been voted the most convenient and reliable service provider for major record labels owned by V8 Enterprise. We now offer our services directly to recording artist and models.

Studio 4x4 has been created to meet the expectations of artist and models that require quality production and representation in an ever expanding entertainment industry however due to the nature of this business our commercial vehicles are rented. 4x4's recording artist and models are available for booking, contact us via e-mail, however models listed as promo models are not available for booking.

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What We Offer

4x4 has adapted the concept of having 10-15 artists released a single track with Digital Distribution (ASCAP / BMI) at an affordable price.
Clients must first audition on instrumental track.

Audio Production

Studio 4x4 knows your sound, Service package pricing $499

PA System W/Tent

We will do your party, Dj on us, Service package pricing $899

Broadcast Commercials

Make your business recognized, Service package pricing $499

Multi-Track Recording

Recording, mix and mastering, Service package only !!


Five shot portfolio, Service package pricing $199

Graphic Designs

Flyers and album artwork, Service package only !!


The tracks listed below are not available for download, send us an email for a sample of pre-release tracks..

Our Portfolio

Studio 4x4 also provides clients with promotional events held at locations in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. We provide clients with top of the line live sound system.

Shelly Frazer

Denise Calloway

Shelly Frazer

Denise Calloway

Samantha Graham

Denise Calloway

Althea Lewis

Sarah Forbes

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Studio 4x4's network of artist and clients, feel free to get at us ! only

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Studio 4x4, LLC.
1178 Broadway
Floor 3
New York, NY 10001
P: (800) 851-9541

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